The male Perfume
of the great horizons, by Paul Vess.

Blue Story image page.jpg

The enigmatic depth of Blue…

The House of Paul Vess is proud to present
one of its latest creations,
continuing its tradition of constant innovation
and passionate pursuit of the ideal fragrance.

Blue Story is a resolutely masculine fragrance
whose olfactory notes have been patiently
and passionately elaborated to obtain,
by daring combinations of scents,
an enigmatic and captivating fragrance
of exquisite depth.

…The unforgettable impression

Like the distant horizons
where the Blue of the ocean
mingles with the azure sky,
the Blue Story fragrance concentrates
the dream forces of Nature in an intimate subtlety,
whose inimitable mark reveals to the senses
the virile masculinity of the man wearing it.