One life, one perfume… A thousand dreams come true.

Creator of emotions, Paul Vess celebrates the essence of Life. Our work is your passion. The passion of the Man and the Woman. We celebrate Love. Paul Vess is, like his signature, spontaneous and free. He lives intensely, every second is a wonder, an astonishment. Enjoying the moment, with audacity and elegance, in constant search for grace and the absolute fragrance.

Perfumes for Men

Paul Vess perfumes are created to reveal in the Man the nuances of masculinity that asserts itself, male magnetism where raw passions are marks of elegance. With modernism and virility, the Paul Vess perfume never leaves indifferent. Women find in the man who wear it this masculine ideal, these sensual assurance and subtlety that nourish their imagination. Desire the impossible, become the one you dream of being, and live the moment with all the intensity of life, because the world belongs to you!

Perfume for Women

Passionate, free, playful, mysterious, seductive, dazzling, sensual, the Woman for Paul Vess is an infinite source of inspiration, where the depth of feelings mingles with joyful lightness. She creates surprise, we turn around when she passes, and the trail she leaves draws a line to our heart, and we never forget her. She is sparkling, she is the light, with the thousand shades that compose it. Paul Vess perfumes reveal to the world her unique personality. Men will always remember this perfume captured as she passes, in the unforgettable movement of her hair, or more secretly on the softness of her skin, grazed by desiring lips. Irresistible, she leads the dance, she likes to seduce and be seduced, because life is a playground where we must live the impossible, without prohibition.

A story of Excellency…

          Founded in Paris in 2009, the French house of Paul Vess has been successfully pursuing its dream of perfuming the whole world. Fruit of 30 years of experience, the brand was born from the will of the most talented crafstmen of the noble Art of the French perfume. The original idea was the following : to give you the opportunity to access the finest and the highest quality of luxury perfumes, with the precious and very controlled Made-in-France label, in products allying excellency and grace, modern and timeless fragrances and designs.

            Among the Paul Vess fragrance creators, are these artists of perfumery called “noses” who created many of the most famous perfumes in the world. Now, for you, they bring Paul Vess the best of their Art, and they share our dreams of creating the ideal fragrances.

           By wearing and adopting the creations of Paul Vess, you made this dream come true and share it with us.

Perfumes that make the difference…

          Perfume is Art. The Art of Perfume has been existing and constantly evolving since the mists of Time, and Men and Women have always had this tireless dream of achieving perfection. A perfume that would be more than a perfume, scents that would take our minds and souls beyond perceptions. The human senses are directly connected to imagination. And from this marriage of perception and imagination, the dream is born.

          Because the beauty of human emotions, desires, and dreams, are a constant fascination for us, Paul Vess has always been pursuing this ideal and believed that you must experience the great dream, and be able to find amongst our collections the perfume that will become your unique scented mark, and reveal the ideal you.

         Absolute seduction emanates from this alchemy : the encounter between an individuality and the perfume that sublimates it.

          Created in Paris, inspired by the world, all of our fragrances are produced in the city of Grasse, located in the South of France, renowned worldwide for its excellency in the making of fragrances. All the ingredients we use are certified, patiently chosen for their amazing qualities, and artistically mixed to obtain unique and timeless fragrances…

Our Collections…

The Story Collection – This collection was created after the remarkable success of Black Story, a perfume with a magnetic and amazingly male fragrance. In 2017, we proudly released two new perfumes : Blue Story for men and Hysteria.

The Girl Collection – The first releases were Girl in Paris and She’s a girl, two perfumes of a collection elaborated to celebrate Feminity in its most wonderful and varied expressions. Our 2018 newcomers are Girl Fashion and Girl Love Paris, and you will hear about these two extremely feminine ones ! They are going to spread Seduction in their trails.

Paul Vess wanted to dedicate a special collection to the city of where everything started. Paris, city of love, is the beating heart of the Art of Perfume. Paris would not be Paris, without the Eiffel Tower. With this idea, Paul Vess created this very special collection :

TOWER Collection. You will not forget this bottle, of which the metal cap is… the Eiffel tower itself. But it’s its fragrance, that will hold your attention, and take you for a scented journey in the “City of Love” : TOWER Pink and TOWER Gold, for women, and Tower Silver, for men.

The new edition of our TOWER Collection will soon be released on our website. Thank you for your understanding.

For the year 2019, Paul Vess is preparing a new amazing collection that you will definitely hear about. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, to be sure to be the first aware of its release.

PAUL VESS around the world…

         After its great success in South America and in several countries of Europe, Paul Vess keeps growing and spreading its perfumes, opening new markets in new countries every month. We believe in the unique quality of our perfumes, and so do our customers all around the world, who are the real keys of this success.

           For you, because we believe in the true Art of Perfume, and because you inspire us, Paul Vess will keep creating perfumes that make the difference.

          PAUL VESS – Team