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Paris La Nuit, by Paul Vess

Paris, at night, sparkles brilliantly. It’s a heavenly diamond on the mystery of the night. From its splendor are born the greatest creations, and the sweetest dreams. Love, always, finds it way to Paris. 

Paul Vess, in its constant search for the ideal perfume, has created for you the brand Paris La Nuit. The best of our art at affordable prices, to create fragrances that mark the minds, and to wear every day, without restraint. We highlighted the great olfactory families, sublimated by our know-how, and our incomparable french-touch.

Paris La Nuit by Paul Vess, will seduce you with the audacity of its fragrances, their incomparable quality, their lasting intensity, but also by the ease with which they will become natural for you. They wear the Paul Vess touch, this unique touch that sets us apart from other brands, and their success with you is a testimony of the popular enthusiasm they generate.

The original idea was the following: to give each of you the opportunity to access the finest and the highest quality of luxury perfumes, with the precious Made-in-France label, in products allying excellency and grace, modern and timeless fragrances and designs.

Our Paris La Nuit perfumes

The nine references of our Paris La Nuit collections include two women’s collections and one men’s collection.

Paris La Nuit, for Women

Lady Casino, novelty 2018. Enter the game, dazzling and object of all fantasies, and attract luck! Fragrance of the seductress, playful and full of confidence. Lady Casino is in the spotlight, she turns the wheels of her own life, and reaps the fruits of her daring.

Rock’n’Rose. Independent, she is vibrant and electric, she embodies youth, freedom, a touch of artistic eccentricity that gives her the lightness and grace of a modern rose. She loves, she lets it know, her life is a rock’n’roll song, and her heart is that of a rare flower. A gourmet fragrance, sweet, sparkling, where the rose gives the La.

Je Vous Aime. The fragrance of Je Vous Aime is a declaration of love, where the fire of passion arouses in the Man who meets her a feeling of pure love where carnal desire awakens. A timeless fragrance, rich and subtle, whose incomparable finesse expresses the nuances of the most noble of feelings.

You, novelty 2018. It’s a fragrance for you, only for you. The woman who wears it has the assurance of the one who knows what she wants, who realizes her desire, and who becomes an irresistible attraction for the object of her desires.

Lila Lola, young and flowery perfume. It is a hymn to joy, sweetness, lightness. Lila Lola dances with the flowers, whirls in the wind, flies away and laughs, expressing her incomparable and delicious femininity, charming men who see her as an ideal of youthful and seductive playfulness.

Poesy, perfume of the purest feelings, and the alchemy of the senses. The words she uses are captured by the senses, they open to the imagination the promises to achieve the impossible, all in finesse. The woman who wears it is incarnate poetry, it seduces the mind and the senses, it creates the vertigo and infinite passion that make it the muse of men.

Paris La Nuit, for Men

Black Rebel

Number 1

Golden Boys