Life is a Sport

Gran Turismo GT SPORT invites you to surpass yourself, it reveals the best of you with the elegance of the athlete, the will and the indomitable spirit of the sportsman, the perfection of the gesture, and reminds the freedom and the great sensations experienced by the sport drivers of Grand Touring.

GT SPORT is an elegant and racy scent that wears the Paul Vess signature, praising the body in movement, the modern masculinity that asserts itself, the philosophy of motor sports. The gesture is pure, executed with force and accuracy, the curve is perfect, it is a celebration of the body and the spirit that drives it.

In this iconic fragrance, Paul Vess reinvents the game and the dream, which elevate the Man and allow him to give the best of himself, to reach the greatest goals, to surpass himself to incarnate his ideal.

The Fragrance of Gran Turismo GT SPORT

Freshness & male Sensuality

An elegant and racy composition where the sparkling freshness of the fruits plays with a marine sensuality,
on an intense and Ambery-Woody background.

Gran Turismo GT SPORT opens with fruity and sweet notes in a Hesperidean combination where the Apple expresses its roundness in an Aromatic accord.

Its heart is an expressive Marine chord, which carries a sweet Melon wrapped by a generous Spicy accord.

A male background, where dry Wood and Amber mingle with subtle Leather, leaves an intense wake and character.

Olfactory Notes

  • Citrus
  • Apple
  • Aromatic accord

  • Melon
  • Spicy accord
  • Marine accord

  • Vetiver
  • Amber
  • Dry Wood
  • Tonka Bean

A design like no other

It is a unique piece in the History of Perfume. The bottle of Gran Turismo GT BLACK EDITION catches the eye, we look at it, we look at it, we take it in our hands, we touch its soft and subtle aspect, its workmanship is impeccable.

It is a piece of dream that we hold in the palm of our hands. The unprecedented alliance of aesthetic and technical perfection at the service of a great perfume.

The centerpiece of GT SPORT has been immersed in a chrome bath, which gives it its original color. It recalls the chrome of the most beautiful works of the automotive world.


Grand Touring (GT) is the dream of every man,
it’s the search for mechanical perfection
to achieve the noblest of quests, the quest of Liberty,
and experience without limit the thrill of living.

Paul Vess wanted to transform this symbol by creating the greatest perfumes,
to extend this dream he shares, and to allow men to express the best of themselves.