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 Magnetic and flamboyant, the Gold of Gran Turismo GT RACING straightforwardly announces its identity: insolent and elegant, sparkling and player, victory is his philosophy, but in the race he is a gentleman.

The fury of living without limit, here and now, and reveal the ideal of the Man
Take the wheel, the victory is yours.

The world is his playground, the speed is exhilarating and life of a crazy intensity. Gran Turismo GT RACING is the magnetic perfume of passion for life and frank seduction.

The race symbolizes life, victory is an attitude. Casual but passionate, the Man of GT RACING is a pure esthete. He wants the best, and he gets it. Everything he touches turns into Gold.

The Fragrance of Gran Turismo GT RACING

Magnetism and flamboyance

A rich and intense perfume, like Gold, combining a luminous entry of Citrus freshness with the mesmerizing spices that form its heart, on an exhilarating Ambery-Woody finale where Musk comes to play, and which gives its power to this sumptuous composition with Oriental accents.

Gran Turismo GT RACING opens on a luminous and fruity note, where Lemon and Orange refresh Basil and Sweet Plum.

Its heart is a outstanding spicy selection, where Cardamom and Nutmeg are softened by Cinnamon, revealing a vibrant masculinity.

The perfect blend of Gaiac and Cedar Woods, rich Musk and Tonka Bean, adds a finishing touch to this fragrance and makes its Oriental trail an unforgettable imprint.

Olfactory Notes

  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Plum
  • Basil

  • Cardamom
  • Nutmeg
  • Cinnamon

  • Gaiac Wood
  • Musk
  • Cedar Wood
  • Tonka Bean

A design like no other

It is a unique piece in the History of Perfume. The bottle of Gran Turismo GT RACING catches attention, we look at it, we look at it again, we take it in our hands, we touch its soft and subtle aspect, its craftsmanship is impeccable.

It is a piece of dream that is held in the palm of our hands. Unprecedented alliance of aesthetic and technical perfection at the service of a great perfume.

GT RACING also owes its preciousness to the unparalleled quality of its design. Its centerpiece has been immersed in a bath of real Gold, which gives it a unique and sumptuous appearance. Because the greatest perfumes must be contained in the most precious bottles.

Olfactory Notes


Grand Touring (GT) is the dream of every man,
it’s the search for mechanical perfection
to achieve the noblest of quests, the quest of Liberty,
and experience without limit the thrill of living.

Paul Vess wanted to transform this symbol by creating the greatest perfumes,
to extend this dream he shares, and to allow men to express the best of themselves.