The new perfume collection 2019, by Paul Vess.

Dear friends,

We are pleased to announce the release of our new 2019 collection, GRAN TURISMO – GT.

After years of artistic development, research and a passionate work, Paul Vess has pushed the limits of his Art to give life to these three 3 extraordinary perfumes: GT RACING, GT SPORT, and GT BLACK EDITION.

Paul Vess created with three great noses of perfume these very distinct fragrances, these three innovative olfactory universes each of which constitutes a pure expression of masculinity.

GT SPORT, by Vincent Ricord (Sisley, L’Occitane, Mauboussin, Jacomo, El Salvador Dali, L’Erbolario, Pascal Morabito …)

GT RACING, by Valérie Garnuch (Police, Original Penguin, Replay, The Merchant of Venice, Pupa, Avon …)

GT BLACK EDITION, by Corinne Cachen (Montblanc, Courrèges, By Terry, 1902 Berdoues, The Body Shop, Emilio Pucci, Hello Kitty, Avon, Benetton, Pascal Morabito, Jacques Bogart, Georges Rech, …)

The choice of Gran Turismo came to Paul Vess as an evidence, an original inspiration that celebrates the deep connection that Man has with the race. The aesthetics of the race has evolved over the millennia, and if man has trained horses to achieve, with them, a perfect fusion of their bodies and minds, today is a brand new animal that rears up in his hands. From the fantastic animal to those Grand Touring cars that reach perfection, the spirit of the Race has remained unchanged.

There is much to be said about the similarities between the world of perfume and the world of motor racing. Both are from a tradition of artistic and technical excellence; in them are expressed the passion of men and the constant search for the purest and most intense sensations. Imagination is at the heart of creation, and creation is a game with the world. Racing, like perfume, is a game that is a symbol of life, not only as a competition, but as a search for self-perfection. The Man who wears one of our three fragrances is a man who seeks to reach an ideal, to embody a universe of emotions, vibrant passion, nobility and grandeur of soul. All horizons belong to him, he is insatiable of freedom, of discoveries, of surpassing oneself. His life, he lives it fully, and according to his own codes.

Today, these three new fragrances are available, and Paul Vess invites you to share this dream with him.

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